Seyed, Elham and Arsin from Germany

Notre fierté, la satisfaction de nos clients Ils en parlent

"I moved from Germany to France after living nearly 5 years in Germany. I was thinking how we can manage this big movement with family and having kids without knowing French language.

When my employer in France introduced me to Bretagne mobilite conseil company, the thing got very easy.

With this company you will never get stress. Just contact them and they will provide everything for you.

It was a great chance to get help from Marie Christine and her assistant Alex. They are very kind and friendly and trying always their best to those which are planning to move to Bretagne in France.  

They have excellent customer support, strong organization and communication skills, ability to solve the problem in short time with unbelievable efforts and energy which they put in your application.

There is no language barrier here with this company since they have excellent and fluent English speaking assistants available at any time. They are very fast to answer you emails or your questions by phone. No matter when you write early in the morning or late in evening.

Now I am in Bretagne nearly one and a half month. When we arrived here, it was 8:30 PM on Saturday, but surprisingly, they were available and provided very nice welcome to us and guided us to our flat which they had rent for us.

Even afterwards, you never feel alone since they will help you to make the things easier. 

I believe them too much and recommend them to everybody who is planning to move here in Bretagne in France."

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